Ready for trial, built to win

At Murphy & Hourihane we go against opponents who can afford the biggest, most expensive law firms around. Yet we’ve built a litigation practice that wins by combining client-centered thinking with tough courtroom skills. Our clients turn to us for help because our unique combination of advantages often gives us the edge over the big firms:

  • We work for our clients and nobody else. If we represent you, we will never have a conflict of interest that diverts or deters our full attention on your case.
  • We are cost-effective. As a small firm we have low overhead, yet we can draw on a network of equally skilled practitioners if we need more help.
  • We’re not lone wolves – when necessary we can work as co-counsel with the big corporate firms. But we make sure that the strategy and tactics are hard-hitting and aggressive.
  • We are responsive. Because we have no bureaucracy or layers of staff, you’ll talk to us directly on the phone and have us at your side in court.
  • We’re experienced, with a record of hundreds of jury and bench trials, arbitrations, and internal investigations that many large firms can’t surpass.
  • We’re savvy, with a knowledge of municipal, state, and federal courts and judges in Northern Illinois that’s second to none.
  • We like a good fight. Because we have experience in large firms and the prosecutor’s office, we’re not intimidated by any opponent.

Murphy & Hourihane is a skilled, flexible, tenacious law firm. We’re ready for trial because we thoroughly understand your case, show you up-front what to expect, come to court with instant credibility, and move quickly to dismiss or settle. You succeed, save money, and get back to business.