Ready for trial – the MH difference

“Ready for Trial” is a client service attitude and litigation philosophy that make Gene Murphy and John Hourihane unique. At Murphy & Hourihane, we’re big-firm litigators in a small-firm package. Gene and John worked together at one of the nation’s premier litigation firms. Because we know first-hand how big firms can ring up litigation time and expense, we get ready for trial in a way that makes us better partners.

We’re ready for trial because we know you don’t make money on litigation; you use it to achieve your business goals. Discovery is the most costly part of litigation, and the big, overstaffed firms we oppose can lengthen the discovery process as their army of associates pile up the billable hours. That’s not how it works at Murphy & Hourihane. Instead, we work closely with you to craft a focused discovery plan up front and master all the details of the case before we go to court. Gene and John represent you personally right from the start. The first day in court – when opposing counsel sends a second-year associate to ask a six-month discovery continuance – we have the instant credibility of walking in ready for trial.

By keeping the case tight and legitimate, and only filing our strongest claims, we don’t waste your money on endless discovery – we don’t waste the court’s time on endless continuances – and we don’t file RICO or fraud claims with every breach of contract case just to raise the ante. We know exactly how we intend to win, and are ready from day one. Opposing counsel simply aren’t as prepared. When they see we’re ready for trial, they usually stop fighting and start negotiating a settlement that benefits you. If they don’t, we welcome the battle and have years of courtroom experience conducting over 200 trials. It’s your advantage, either way.

We excel at helping defendants and plaintiffs protect their interests in litigation over contracts, employment agreements, construction problems, real estate deals, and white-collar investigations and lawsuits. Our clients are small businesses and individual business persons, public sector managers, medical and financial service professionals, and senior executives at major corporations. We counsel them on transactions, regulatory problems, and civil and criminal litigation, whether it means defending them against allegations, or enforcing their rights as plaintiffs. We are dedicated to protecting our clients against competing corporate interests and government regulators.