Commercial Litigation

Ready to try complex commercial cases

Nobody wakes up thinking, “What a great day to go to court!” Many big firms seek to make litigation protracted and expensive, so you’ll give in and give up. It’s our job as your lawyer to stand up for you. When you’re right, and the fight is worth it, that’s the litigation we excel at.


We are trial lawyers.  We know the state and federal courts of Illinois, and have handled hundreds of jury and bench trials. Our clients are both defendants and plaintiffs, and we represent them in civil and criminal litigation of all kinds – but particularly in high-stakes commercial disputes, and in allegations of white-collar crime. We frequently conduct internal investigations of alleged misconduct, and are often able to identify and resolve problems before they reach the trial stage. If negotiation and settlement is possible before trial, we get it done in a way that meets our clients’ goals. If settlement isn’t possible, we fight hard in court – and have a reputation for winning.

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