Internal Investigations

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The attorneys of Murphy & Hourihane undertake internal investigations on behalf of corporate and public agency Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officers, Boards of Directors, Audit Committees and Independent Auditors. When they call upon us to investigate questionable financial or regulatory conduct, we undertake a thorough, professional and confidential study that is focused on problem identification and resolution.

Working closely with our clients, we are able to:

  • Identify and interview strategically placed individuals at all organizational levels, to learn what took place and who was responsible.
  • Coordinate additional interviews using outside investigators where necessary.
  • Learn the daily workings of the organization in order to place financial activity, organizational responsibility, and decision-making in their proper context and make determinations on privilege and privacy issues.
  • Determine the reason why the actions in question were taken, whether those actions were legal, and make recommendations for any necessary remedial steps.
  • Report our findings, often with recommendations on practices and procedures necessary to keep the investigated actions from reoccurring.

Offer guidance, if criminal conduct has in fact occurred, on the next steps to take at trial, in mediation or at administrative hearings.