Litigation Approach

Ready to try complex commercial cases

Nobody wakes up thinking, “What a great day to go to court!” Many big firms seek to make litigation protracted and expensive, so you’ll give in and give up. It’s our job as your lawyer to stand up for you. When you’re right, and the fight is worth it, that’s the litigation we excel at.


We are effective commercial litigators because we understand your business needs. Gene and John treat contract, real estate, tax, financial and regulatory issues as business concerns, not just elements of trial strategy. We understand high-pressure situations, and when it’s necessary can handle any kind of injunction, cease-and-desist order or subpoena. And we’re always better prepared than the opposition.

In a tough deal, a bare-knuckles contract fight, an allegation of criminal conduct, we know you’re already facing a challenging situation. At Murphy & Hourihane we’ll do everything possible to maximize your results, while minimizing the intrusion into their lives and businesses. That’s the most any litigator can do. And that’s what we provide to our clients every working day.

We have the flexibility required by complex commercial and white-collar criminal matters, and have long experience in dealing with “parallel proceedings” that can involve both the government and private parties, such as:

  • Civil forfeiture and penalty proceedings brought by the government
  • Civil litigation by private parties or by class action plaintiffs
  • “Whistle blower” lawsuits under the Federal False Claims Act or similar state laws
  • Employment problems
  • Regulatory proceedings
  • Adverse publicity and its potential to generate further investigation
  • Malpractice proceedings
  • Exclusion from government contracts or programs like Medicare or Medicaid

Often our clients don’t realize they face a lawsuit by a big corporation or a government investigation until confronted with the need to respond. We are completely familiar with high-pressure situations, and can step in when you’re hit with a blizzard of injunctions, cease-and-desist orders and search warrants, or when you’re subpoenaed to appear before or provide documents to grand juries or regulatory agencies. If litigation is imminent, we work to prepare pre-charge and pre-indictment strategies, including advice regarding indemnification of corporate officers, directors or employees, joint defense agreements and public relations and corporate disclosure strategies. We are often able to negotiate pre-indictment or pre-trial settlements on behalf of clients, including agreements that avoid criminal sanctions. If that’s not possible, we fight for your interests at trial – and our record of success is truly impressive.